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From winter to spring, the breezes of March blow away the dreary winter days. At this moment, let's jump out of the shackles of the routine, call for freedom, add color to life, and actively face challenges! French Aigle brings new signature series products to let you enjoy the beauty of color in your life.


This season, the Signature Series launched by Aigle focuses on colorful and easy to match clothing and accessories. With bright and rich colors, it lightens the mood, maintains an optimistic and free attitude, and adds color to life. The signature series takes nature as the color palette, endows the hand-made rain boots with powerful waterproof function, comfortable and vapor permeable wearing experience, provides you with comprehensive protection, easy to deal with the baptism of rain, and can walk freely in the city.


While paying homage to the classic, signature series takes into account functional demands such as "waterproof" and hopes to provide you with a fashionable and practical solution: even the hand-made rain boots designed for rainy days can be fashionable and stylish, which can easily cope with various weather conditions in the city outdoor.



2020-04-30 09:17
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